Mango airlines restart in jeopardy

Mango Airlines’ restart is in jeopardy. Image via @FlyMangoSA / Twitter

Mango vs SAA: Pilots warn of ‘jobs bloodbath’ as business rescue stalls

Will we ever see the return of Mango flights to the skies? Or will we see another 700 jobs lost? Pilots say the airline is being left to die.

Mango airlines restart in jeopardy

Mango Airlines’ restart is in jeopardy. Image via @FlyMangoSA / Twitter

SAA planes are back in the skies. But Mango still hasn’t gotten back up in the air. The South African Cabin Crew and Mango pilots association, are now sounding the alarm bells. According to the associations, SAA may be actively working against the continuation of Mango.

Can Mango airlines and SAA both survive?

The associations together with the National Union of Metalworkers say they’re disturbed by SAA board’s decision not to support any funding to help Mango get back in the air.

The group is hitting out at SAA board Chair John Lamola for saying that SAA can not motivate nor provide, any capital injection to return Mango to technical operations. The airline known for its orange planes has been in business rescue since August, with the business rescue team looking to get planes back in the sky by December.

SAA’s decision to seemingly cut Mango lose is likely to leave over 700 jobs, all but gone.

“We were concerned that it was never the DPE’s intention to save Mango and that they were intentionally running it into the ground – and it seems we have been proven right. In essence the money gazetted to start operations and re-start the airline is being held to ransom because the shareholder does not want it to take to the skies.

It is clear now that the airline is a great threat to the new SAA version 2 and its proposed Takatso deal. It seems this deal cannot go ahead as long as Mango survives.”

Joint statment from SACCA, MPA and NUMSA

R819 million for who?

Furious staff at the airline have taken particular issue with the fact that none of the over R800 million gazetted by Parliament, has reached Mango.

The unions have now admitted that without a return of flights, the airline will most likely be liquidated. This would mean job losses for 708 employees.

With all the government focus having been on finding financial partners for SAA, it seems that there simply may be no room for another state-linked local airline at all.

If so, let’s hope SAA can be even half as successful as Mango was before the pandemic.