Crime in Joburg

Credit: JMPD

Watch: Man violently mugged at Joburg mall as onlookers stunned [video]

Crime in Joburg is not known to be all hunky dory. This will frighten even the hardest of individuals, though.

Crime in Joburg

Credit: JMPD

Muggings in South Africa are nothing new. Sadly, they don’t usually end with the police vowing to patrol the area and increase officers on the ground.

Crime in Joburg: Small Street Mall mugging triggers a reaction from police

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) has promised to deploy officers on a daily basis to the Small Street Mall.

The mall, which is right outside the South Gauteng High Court, was hit with a violent mugging on Tuesday morning.

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Video of the incident has made the rounds on social media as it shows a man in a packed mall wrestle with a group of men as they try to make off with his backpack.

While it is not clear if he is being choked or not, the victim passed out for a few seconds as the men sit on his body and continue to search his pockets for more items. He quickly regains conciseness and gives one last attempt to fight the attackers off.

“Due to the incident yesterday, because of the mugging, more than 20 officers will be deployed into the Small Street Mall on a daily basis from today, as well as undercover members,” JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar told News24 about the incident.

The men then walk away as if nothing happened while the man can be seen signalling for help as shoppers look on scared and confused.

Joburg Central Police will also be deploying 20 undercover community patrollers to the area.

“They won’t be wearing any uniform and, should such an event happen again, they will be able to arrest the perpetrators. This doesn’t sit well with us. We want people to be our eyes and ears in the fight against crime,” Police spokesperson Captain Mbele said.

On Wednesday, the JMPD showed that there were sticking to their word after tweeting pictures of officers patrolling the area.

You can see the video below.