Malawian politician says homosexuals are worse than dogs, should be killed

Just as Malawi’s justice minister put a temporary ban on anti-homosexuality laws, the spokesperson for the former ruling party demanded that homosexuals be killed.

Ken Msonda of the Peoples Party added that the current government should immediately clarify it’s official stance on homosexuality.

“Government should come up clear on the DPP [Democratic Progressive Party] administration’s stand on the issue of gays and lesbians,” Msonda wrote on his Facebook page – what’s with folks spewing sh*t on Facebook this week –?

Msonda decribed homosexuals as worse than dogs and said that gays and lesbians were “sons and daughters of the devil,” according to the Nyasa Times.

“Arresting them won’t address this problem because sooner or later they are being released on bail. The best way to deal with this problem is to KILL them!”

Now, while it’s a blessing that he’s not actively involved in any form of legislating in Malawi, he’s not the only African politician to speak out against homosexuality.

Oll’ Batty Bob Mugabe has expressed similar sentiments in the past and it is reported that Africa is the most homophobic continent on the planet; with homosexuality officially classed as illegal in 36 of the 55 African states.