Makhosi Khoza recounts attacks

Former ANC MP Makhosi Khoza
Image taken via Facebook: Makhosi Busisiwe Khoza

Makhosi Khoza recounts attacks after publicly denouncing Zuma

Former ANC MP Dr Makhosi Khoza has told the State Capture Commission that calling for Jacob Zuma’s removal from office, led to endless harassment from some of his supporters

Makhosi Khoza recounts attacks

Former ANC MP Makhosi Khoza
Image taken via Facebook: Makhosi Busisiwe Khoza

Former African National Congress (ANC) MP Dr Makhosi Khoza was visibly emotional when she recalled how she was subjected to death threats and other attacks after speaking out against then president Jacob Zuma in 2017. Khoza appeared before the State Capture Commission on Thursday, February 4, 2021, where she gave evidence related to Parliamentary oversight.

She served as chairperson of the committee on Public Service and Administration as well the Economic Development committee.

Many people will remember Khoza as having been one of the first within the ANC to condemn Zuma’s administration and call for his removal from office.

She left the ANC in 2017, at the height of serious allegations of corruption, at the hands of Zuma and his friends, the Gupta family. Khoza has told the commission’s chairperson, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo that her outspokenness on Zuma, came at a high price, as her home was targeted.

‘Even my children received threats’ – Khoza tells Zondo

Khoza said one evening when she was arriving home, a balaclava-clad man had parked a black Mercedes Benz on her neighbour’s driveway. The man then fired a shot but slipped, missing her.

She told the commission that the threats were even directed at her children.

“The threats were not just directed at me. They were directed at my children. I was stronger and I didn’t mind when the threats were directed at me, but my children were going through so much emotional pain,” Khoza said.

She said certain people even came to her house and told her son that she had killed her late husband, who died in 1998.

“I had to start defending myself…they were even making my life at home miserable,” Khoza said.

Even the academic community, of which Khoza is a part, warned her against her anti-Zuma utterances. She told the commission that she was asked to apologise for voicing her stance, but said she refused.

Khoza resigned from the ANC in 2017 after the party charged her with ill-discipline and she and her family had received death threats for her anti-Zuma comments. She later launched her own political party, African Democratic Change (ADeC) but she then resigned and joined OUTA as an Executive Director in 2018.

Khoza then left OUTA and has returned to politics, now as part of former Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba’s political movement Action SA.