Makhosi Khoza

Former ANC member of parliament, Makhosi Khoza. (Photo by Gallo Images / Sunday Times / Ruvan Boshoff)

Makhosi Khoza outlines her vision for SA politics: Would she get your vote in 2019?

President Makhosi Khoza? Don’t rule anything out in politics…

Makhosi Khoza

Former ANC member of parliament, Makhosi Khoza. (Photo by Gallo Images / Sunday Times / Ruvan Boshoff)

It’s been a busy old day at the Nando’s Daily Maverick Gathering in Sandton. A whole event dedicated to political chatter and intense debate got off to a cracking start, when Makhosi Khoza took to the stage.

When the Good Doctor speaks, she is one of the more captivating politicians to listen to. Her politics don’t please everyone, but she has become something of a ‘centrist hero’ during her fight against ANC corruption from within the party’s ranks.

Too morally upstanding for the ANC, ‘not communist enough’ for the EFF, and completely unaligned to the DA, Khoza has been left with one avenue only: Going at it alone.

Khoza did confirm to The Gathering that she has been ‘asked to assist in creating a new political home in the centre’. It already seems like the wheels are in motion for a new, MK-led party ahead of the 2019 elections.

It was from there, she revealed her vision for the future of South Africa. To many, it sounds promising. But would her plans capture your imagination?

Makhosi Khoza and her policies for South Africa

1 . Fix the quality of our education system

Makhosi Khoza wants to fix a run-down, decrepit education system. She’s not calling for a huge amount of investment though. In fact, Khoza has accepted that the government have already spent ‘so much money’ on trying to fix things.

She said that an overhaul is required in educational departments to make schools easier to access for the poor, and to improve the quality of information being delivered. She shared some harsh truths from the World Economic Forum:

“We need to fix the quality of our education system. We are spending so much on this, but it isn’t working. The World Economic Forum ranked us 138th out of 138 countries for Maths and Science. What country ever prospered when it was bottom of a table?”

2 . A complete overhaul of the Social Grants system

God knows this system is currently on its arse. But there doesn’t seem to be any urgency in the ANC to address these issues. Khoza listed it as something that is “trapping” South Africans, and said this needed fixing to alleviate poverty:

“But we must also ensure the majority of citizens trapped in poverty get out of that system. The people most affected are social grant recipients. The social grants system is unsustainable: In a lot of cases, people don’t get paid for three months, and when the grants come in, they receive just one month’s worth of money.”

3 . Establishing ‘centrist’ values ahead of partisan politics

In the most fantastic way, Makhosi Khoza just doesn’t fit in to South African politics. Nor does she fit a conventional ‘partisan’ style, either. She’s certainly not right-leaning, but she also doesn’t identify as left-wing. Now she wants to bring her centrist approach to the masses:

“Every one of us has to shift our traditional perspective. I’ve been asked to assist in creating a new political home in the centre. The good qualities of the right is that ambition to master the capitalist system. But from the left, we also have to ensure the majority of South Africans trapped in poverty get out of that system.”

4. Job creation must be at the beating heart of South Africa

With 27% of the country unemployed, creating a sustainable jobs market would be at the forefront of a Makhosi Khoza campaign. She claims that job creation is key to attracting foreign investment, which will help stimulate an improving economy:

“There is no way you can restore dignity to someone who is unemployed. You need a job. That’s why its so important to create jobs, and a condusive environment for investors to feel that their money is safe in South Africa.”

5. At all costs, end corruption

Opposing politicians say it, as do the ones currently running to replace Zuma. The difference is, Makhosi Khoza has risked her life to fight it. She’s received numerous death threats in her campaigns against Zuma and state capture. She has a proven track record of integrity, and seems like the right person to root out political greed:

“We have different kinds of injustice. Corruption isn’t victimless. We’re all their victims. We need more visionary and ethical leadership. We are on a cliff right now. If we do nothing, this economy will collapse.”

6. Identify as South Africans, not as colours.

It’s an interesting theory, and one that has set tongues wagging in Mzansi today. But indeed, Khoza believes the time has to stop identifying ourselves as ‘black, white, or coloured’. She proposes that we follow an American model of using origin; African-American, Italian America, Hispanic etc.

But she wants to put South Africa first. So for example, terms like ‘South African-Europeans’ and ‘South Africans of Indian Origin’ would be used instead of indicators based on skin colour:

“We must move away from Apartheid social constructs. Stop saying white, black etc. Say South Africans of European origin. “South Africans of Indian origin” etc, but prefix it with “South African”. We are all South African.”