Snake slithering out from a dead cobra. Image: Marietjie Hattingh

LOOK: Snake fights back from inside, after being swallowed by Cobra [Pictures]

A bystander witnessed a rather mysterious sighting when she found a snake slithering out of a dead Cobra on a deserted road.


Snake slithering out from a dead cobra. Image: Marietjie Hattingh

It’s a mystery that hasn’t been solved yet. A cobra found on a deserted road, with another snake sticking out from its stomach.

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Snake kills Cobra from the inside

A village community member by the name Marietjie Hattingh stumbled across this site while driving and shared the images.

“I was driving down one of the farm roads. This road was seldom traveled and hadn’t seen any use for quite some time now. As I was driving, I noticed something in the road and didn’t think much of it. That was until I got closer and saw that it was a snake. A cobra, to be exact,” said Hattingh.

Dead cobra and snake. Image: Marietjie Hattingh

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Hattingh further adds that she notice something odd about the dead Cobra.

“When I looked closely, I saw that this cobra wasn’t just dead, it was cut open on the side, and a massive puff adder was sticking out. It amazed me to witness a snake devouring another snake of such considerable size,” she said.

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Cobras dominance within the snake kingdom

Cobras, with their deadly venom and iconic hood, skillfully hunt and capture other snakes, including puffadders.

Observations have revealed that these remarkable creatures actively prey on their fellow serpents, showcasing their prowess as predators in the snake kingdom.

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Their specialized fangs and powerful jaws enable them to overpower and consume their fellow serpents.

“The most bizarre part of all of this was that how did both snakes end up dead? This specific road on the farm is not driven daily by other farm vehicles. No new tracks could be identified. It was only my bakkie and my husband’s farming bakkie. No farm workers walk along this road either. What exactly happened, we will never know,” She added.

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Reptiles victims of raodkill incidents

Snakes, despite their slithering agility, are not immune to the dangers of roads. Unfortunately, these reptiles often fall victim to roadkill incidents.

As they venture across roads in search of prey or habitat, they may encounter fast-moving vehicles, resulting in fatal collisions that pose a threat to their survival. For this cobra, that was not the case.

The biggest chance is that a bird attacked the cobra and won. Perhaps the bird didn’t take the snake away or eat it because something disturbed the bird. But we’ll never know the real reason for this strange thing that happened.