National Treasury calls on local suppliers to supply PPEs

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National Treasury calls on local suppliers to provide PPE

In efforts to curb the spread of the global pandemic, the government has called on local suppliers to put forth their offers of PPE.

National Treasury calls on local suppliers to supply PPEs

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Due to the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the National Treasury, in support of the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC), has called on local suppliers of PPEs to direct their offers to the project management office (PMO). 

“The submissions will be assessed by the support team responsible for coordinating the process, exclusively for the identified commodities,” the statement said. 

PPE required to combat global pandemic

If you are a local supplier of the following commodities, then the government would like your help. 

Commodities needed include the following: 

  • Disposable aprons; 
  • Protective surgical gowns; 
  • Protective eyewear; 
  • Surgical gloves; 
  • Overshoes; 
  • Protective hoods; 
  • Biohazard bags; 
  • Ventilators; 
  • Alcohol-cleaning, disinfectants — clinical; and 
  • Venturi mask. 

According to the statement, the supplier needs to supply detailed information for the items.

The information should then be submitted directly to

Here’s what a local supplier’s submission should include

The submission should include the following information: 

  • Supplier name; 
  • Company registration; 
  • Central Supplier Database number (CSD); and 
  • Indication of a product that can be supplied. 

“National Treasury continues to advise suppliers to be vigilant during this time and not to submit their information to would-be scammers,” it said. 

Suppliers are advised to always first verify with relevant departments before supplying any goods. 

“The submission through this process does not in any manner or form waive the requirements for compliance outlined in the Central Supplier Database (CSD),” it added. 

Gauteng Health Department calls for donations 

In a statement issued on Saturday 4 April, the Gauteng Health Department made a call to the members of the public to donate what they can in terms of personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators towards the fight against, what is now, a national disaster. 

“These donations will supplement government resources and will be utilised in special sites which are being put in place to house patients,” the department said. 

“The PPEs, such as masks and gloves, play an important role in minimizing exposure to the spread of infections whilst ventilators assist the breathing process when the virus has caused failure or damage to the lungs,” it added. 

Deputy Minister of Health Dr Joe Phaahla addressed the topic of PPE at the National Command Council (NCC) media briefing on Friday 3 April.

The deputy minister said that the government is committed to ensuring that health workers are equipped with PPE, in both public and private health services.

“Most [PPE equipment] are being produced in China and they limited exports as demand was rising. There were also unintended consequences of limitations in the movement of goods and cargo when it comes to personal protective equipment. We’re prioritising front-line workers for that equipment”.