Local government employees are

Local government employees are becoming millionaires on the backs of hardworking South Africans

Government employees are literally becoming overnight millionaires, and we’re paying for it.

Local government employees are

Ok look, we know about senior politician’s massive salaries; what we’ve not looked at closely, however, is how much tax money is being paid to plain oll’ government workers… you know, the guys who are supposed to be effecting service delivery, but who aren’t.

So we all know South Africa’s got one of the largest governments in the world, larger than those of the UK, USA and Canada. Why, well we’ve inherited a bunch of oldies from the previous government and in the spirit of job creation a lot of new beaurocrats were added to the mix. We’re sitting with close to one and a half million government employees.

Now, of those employees we’ve got medical staff and the like, but close to 350 of them became instant millionaires at the end of the last financial year. Yup, our tax money paid the directors-general, plain old directors and similar ‘senior’ people more than a million Rand for their efforts last year.

This, while finance minister Nene raises our taxes, because government is sitting with a cash shortfall. Perhaps if we spent less money feathering civil servants’ nests we’d have more going around.