Lobola negotiation

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Two men arrested for carrying firearms to lobola negotiations

Two Ezakheni men wrapped up lobola negotiations but ended up sleeping in police cells instead of their homes for carrying illegal firearms.

Lobola negotiation

Image: Flickr

South African Police Service (SAPS) from the Pietermaritzburg area arrested two men for possessing firearms, the pair were on their way from lobola negotiations on Sunday 10 October.


According to the police report, the offices received a tip off to track two men who had visited a home in Manqomfini to pay lobola. The police snatched the suspects while driving back to Ezakheni from the lobola negotiations in Manqomfini.

“On Sunday, 10 October 2021 at 15:00, the police officers from the Pietermaritzburg Public Order Police embarked on an operation at Manqomfini area in Weenen,” SAPS said.

“The team was following up on information about two men from Ezakheni who went to Manqomfini area to pay lobola and who were carrying firearms. As the men were returning to their homesteads police pounced on them.

“The suspect’s vehicle was intercepted and they were found in possession of two pistols with 23 rounds of ammunition.”


Police say an AK47 was found in the area but without any exact confirmation if it is directly linked to the two arrested men or not.

“The two suspects and were placed under arrest for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. The team also recovered an AK47 with 11 rounds of ammunition. The firearm was found abandoned in the Weenen area.

The suspects, Zazele Zwane, aged 53, and Mbongiseni Mdluli who is 52 years of age, will spend the next 10 days in custody before an expected bail application.

“The recovered firearms will be subjected to ballistic testing. Zazele Zwane (53) and Mbongiseni Mdluli (52) appeared in the Weenen Magistrates Court yesterday. They were remanded in custody until 22 October 2021 for a formal bail application.”

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