Brian Molefe

Brian Molefe / File Photo

Load shedding: “Eskom was better under Brian Molefe” – South Africans split on energy crisis

People want Brian back.

Brian Molefe

Brian Molefe / File Photo

On Tuesday, Eskom updated their schedule to stage 3 load shedding. The situation is still dire but it is at a stage better than it was on Monday.

Eskom implements stage 3 load shedding on Tuesday, 12 February

Stage 3 will see the power utility rotationally shedding 3000MWs of energy across the country between 8:00 and 23:00.

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If you want to check the load shedding schedule to see if and when your area will be affected, read see this post.

“Despite the generating units returning to service as planned, the emergency reserves (diesel and water) are still very low,” the power utility wrote in a statement.

The utility’s CEO, Phakamani Hadebe reacted to Monday’s news by calling for an investigation into why seven generator units broke down.

“We had seven outages yesterday; we had seven units that had challenges. We’ve brought all five of them, one is already starting, the other by 2 pm will be fully operational. So, that assumes that we’re not going to have a trip at other power stations that are not in the circulation right now,” he said.

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As all stakeholders have launched operations to tackle the issue, Hadebe noted that South Africans should expect load shedding to be implemented for the rest of the week.

South Africans call for operation #BringBackBrian

Those who have felt the pain of power cuts took to social media to express their contempt with load shedding.

For some, life was not actually that bad when Brian Molefe was in power. Molefe, has somehow resurfaced as a subject in the topic of load shedding.

The frustration of these periodic blackouts have sparked warped moments of nostaliga for some Twitter users.

For some reason, people are of the view that the current image of our energy crisis and Eskom looks much worse than it was under Molefe’s stewardship.

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Molefe’s track record as Eskom CEO

Molefe’s appointment as Eskom’s CEO was riddiled with mystery, as some believe processes were flouted to bring him on board from Transnet in 2015.

Around that time, records show that Molefe was in cahoots with the Gupta family, a revelation that would spell his end at the helm of the power utility.

The exposed link between Molefe and the Guptas revealed a CEO of South Africa’s power generator who allegedly opened up the financial floodgates of corruption for Atul and his brothers.

Although Molefe was seconded to Eskom from Transnet in the latter parts of 2015, Eskom still initiated 99 days of load shedding in the year.

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In 2016, Molefe described Eskom’s progress as being on track but “not out of the woods yet”.

For most parts of that year and his subsequent final lap in 2017, things were calm at the fore. However, behind the scenes, Molefe, by all accounts, was exposed as a gatekeeper of corruption.