Kidnapped Cape Town businessma

Layaqat Allie Parker / File photo: Yusuf Abramjee via Twitter

Kidnapped Cape Town businessman returns home

Liyaqat Parker has been reunited with his family.

Kidnapped Cape Town businessma

Layaqat Allie Parker / File photo: Yusuf Abramjee via Twitter

Cape Town businessman, Liyaqat Parker, has returned home after two months in captivity.

The exact details relating to Parker’s kidnapping ordeal are still shrouded in mystery. Naturally, the man’s family has asked for respect and privacy during this time – refusing to respond to media inquiries or divulge sensitive information regarding Parker’s disappearance.

The family did, however, issue a statement on Tuesday morning, noting that they had been reunited with Parker on Monday:

“The Parker family wishes to express their sincere gratitude to everyone who has walked this journey with them and provided physical‚ emotional and spiritual support. It is truly appreciated.

The family is relieved that he is back and would like to request the media and public to respect their privacy during this difficult time.”

What we know about the kidnapping of Liyaqat Parker

On 9 July, the 65-year-old Parker was accosted by five unknown males as he entered his business premises in Fairway Close, N1 City.

According to reports, a double cab delivery vehicle tailed Parker as the businessman made his way into the basement parking lot of the premises. The assailants, who were heavily armed, first detained the security guard, by locking him in a toilet cubicle and confiscating his cell phone.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk elaborated on the details of Parker’s kidnapping, following the security guards neutralisation:

“They [the kidnappers] then continued into the basement, where they forced the businessman into their vehicle and drove off in an unknown direction.”

Reports of Parker’s captivity

While nobody knows quite what Parker went through during his time in captivity, unverified reports of ransom requests and threats made their way into the media spotlight.

It’s alleged that Parker, a founding member of the Food Property Group, was held for ransom amounting to 50 Bitcoin, which translated to about R4.3m at the time. The family said they were aware of the allegations, but could not verify the ransom demands.

The family issued a heartfelt plea to the kidnappers, begging for the safe release of their devoted patriarch, stating:

“Our father and brother is an elderly man, so we also appeal to those who may be involved or know persons who may be connected with this crime, to just please release him unharmed before his health deteriorates

Liyaqat is a devoted family man, a known astute businessman who built up the business through sheer hard work over many years, a community worker and philanthropist, having served as a member of The Friends of the Children’s Hospital Association for several years.”