Living in Upington? Are you unemployed? Then this is for YOU

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Living in Upington? Are you unemployed? Then this is for YOU

If you are living in Upington and are unemployed, you are invited to participate in the National Youth Service Programme.

Living in Upington? Are you unemployed? Then this is for YOU

Photo: Facebook

The Upington public has been invited to participate in the National Youth Service Programme.


The Dawid Kruiper Municipality said the National Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (NDPWI) is embarking on a service delivery programme as part of the National Youth Service of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

“The National Youth Service (NYS) Programme seeks to ensure the participation of unemployed youth (18 – 35 years of age) in service delivery project so that they learn and appreciate careers in the artisan field and Built Environment professions.”

It furthermore said this would be achieved through the Repairs & Renovations of the Labour Centre Project implemented by NDPWI in Upington.

“The NDPWI invites unemployed youth to participate in this Learnership programme. The NYS programme involves theoretical as well as on-site practical training. The theoretical training (10-12 weeks) is followed by eight months of practical training on-site.”


The municipality said a selection criterion of beneficiaries for entry into the programme will be done.

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“This is done to provide the learner with a skill that will ensure entry into the built environment professions and also assist with the help and facilitation of exit enterprise development opportunities.

“The recruitment of learners to the programme will be undertaken in consultation with NDPWI.”


  • The selection of learners will be based on the following criteria:
    -Project Selection Criteria
    -Applications will be evaluated according to the following affirmative action criteria:
    -At least 85% of applicants should be from previously disadvantaged backgrounds;
    -At least 55% must be women;
    -At least 2% should be disabled;’- At least 1% may be youth in conflict with the law;

The municipality also said preference would be given to youth residing in Upington.


  • Unemployed youth between 18 and 35 ONLY;
  • Persons with valid SA ID Book / Smart Card ID;
  • Have qualifications of at least Grade 12 (Matric) Pure Mathematics and Physical Science or equivalent (RPL) and preference will be given to participants with N2 Maths & Science;
  • Be willing to enter into a contract of at least 10-12 months which will include technical and on the job practical training – Must NOT be studying or working anywhere currently;
  • Knowledge of and interest in learning artisan trades such as painting, carpentry, plumbing, tiling, electrical, and carpentry will be an added advantage
  • Selection
  • Applicants MUST submit their CV’s, certified copies of their green barcoded ID document and certified copies of their Matric certificate to be attached to all documents. Failure to submit the complete documents will result in the applicant’s application not being considered.
  • Stipend Amounts
  • During the classroom training and the practical phase, on-site learners will get R102.00 per day as a stipend.
  • After the project, the learners will graduate with a Construction SETA Accredited certificate and assist and/or support to start their own businesses.


Closing time and date are strictly on two days, which is Friday, 4 March 2022 at 12:00 and the place of submission: The reception area of the Dawid Kruiper Local Municipality.

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