Listen: Pemmy Majodina threate

ANC chief whip Pemmy Majodina / Photo by Luke Daniel,

Listen: Pemmy Majodina threatens lawsuit against Dsrac dept [audio]

Majodina criticised her former colleagues for gossiping about her at a friend’s memorial service.

Listen: Pemmy Majodina threate

ANC chief whip Pemmy Majodina / Photo by Luke Daniel,

Pemmy Majodina has given certain people from the Eastern Cape’s Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture, 48 hours to issue an apology for allegedly spewing lies about her, or face the full might of a defamation lawsuit.

Why is Pemmy Majodina threatening to sue the Dsrac dept?

Before she was recruited to the coveted post of ANC’s Chief Whip, Pemmy Majodina was well-renowned and respected within the Eastern Cape legislature.

Known best for her colourful personality, which is often fully expressed in her wardrobe choices, the last thing anyone would expect is to hear that she was engaged in a dispute with a colleague.

However, based on the contents of a WhatsApp voice note Pemmy Majodina sent to Nozibele Majikija, the former Chief of Staff at the Dsrac department, it appears that the Chief Whip has had enough of people speaking on her name.

Majodina has threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against those who implicated her in a work-related scandal at the recent memorial service of the late Thobeka “Thotho” Yakopi-Makoyi, who was the department’s Human Resources Manager.

At the memorial service, Vuyiseka Nokenke, Dsrac’s Cacadu District Office Manager, alleged that she and the deceased used to drink alcohol at work without getting into trouble for it since Majodina, who was the MEC at the time, was well aware of it and did nothing about it.

“For what reason was my name used in public like that by Nokenke? Instead of respecting the service, she makes statements about getting drunk.

“First of all, I don’t even drink alcohol. If I have to take Dsrac to task, I will do that, starting from the HOD to the last person. Whoever was talking about my name has low morals. I am not going to take that lying down,” she scathingly said in the voice note.

Quoted in a Dispatch Live article, the department’s spokesperson, Andile Nduna confirmed that 24 hours after the threats were made by Majodina, implicated Dsrac officials have not received any legal notice from the Chief Whip’s lawyers.

“It is with deep sadness that before we have come to terms with the passing of Thobeka Yakopi-Makoyi, we find ourselves dealing with these hurtful utterances,” Nduna said.

Listen: Majodina sounds off on Dsrac dept officials in leaked voice note