Here is a list of the top 10 smartphones with best camera quality. Image: Getty Images

LIST: Smartphones with best camera quality in 2023

When buying a smartphone, one of the most important things we consider is the camera quality. Here are smartphones with the best quality.


Here is a list of the top 10 smartphones with best camera quality. Image: Getty Images

The best phones take photos and video that can rival traditional cameras, these are the top smartphones with the best quality.

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Smartphones with better quality than an actual camera

The best camera phones offer a tantalizing combination of the pinnacle of imaging technology with pin-sharp displays and lightning-fast internet connectivity.

In fact, some handsets can deliver better photographs than the ‘proper’ camera you might otherwise be tempted to pick up.

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As phone technology progresses, you might find it tricky to keep up to date on the latest handsets available.

Our phone rumors hub will keep you up to date with the latest leaks and smartphone news. But to help you find the best camera phone for you right now, we’ve rounded up a selection of the latest models with a range of budgets in mind.

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Camera technology

Camera phone technology can really boil down to one simple concept pure and simple convenience.

Not only will the best phones feature powerful imaging sensors (for example, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has an awesome 200MP sensor – higher than most of the best professional cameras),

But they’ll also have incredible computational photography features that take a matter of milliseconds to process the images you capture and improve aspects such as sharpness, white balance and more. 

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Top 10 list

Here is a list of top smartphones with best camera quality:

  1. Google Pixel 7 Pro
  2. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
  3.  Apple iPhone 14 Pro
  4. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  5. Google Pixel 7
  6. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
  7. Sony Xperia 1 III
  8. OnePlus 11 Pro 5G
  9. Apple iPhone 14
  10.  Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

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