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All major human trafficking hot-spots in South Africa can be found in Gauteng – Photo: Adobe Stock

Linge Primary choir master fired for wanting to be teen’s ‘virgin breaker’

A choir master from Linge Primary in Cape Town has been found guilty of misconduct after telling a teen he wants to be her “virgin breaker”.

human trafficking

All major human trafficking hot-spots in South Africa can be found in Gauteng – Photo: Adobe Stock

A choir master from Linge Primary School in Nyanga, Cape Town has been fired after he was found guilty of misconduct in a disciplinary hearing.

According to TimesLive, the school choirmaster, Xolani Madalane, told a 14-year-old singer he wanted to be her “virgin breaker”.


The online publication reported that an Education Labour Relations Council arbitrator, Gail McEwan dismissed his appeal during week and said she found the Facebook Messenger messages Madalane sent to the teenager “totally repulsive”.

The teacher went as far as telling the girl: “ I love you, do you love me back? … I want to be in love with you … Are you a virgin? … I want to be your virgin breaker … Can you give me sex? … When will you agree to be my girlfriend? … I love sex … I want to sleep with you.”

Madalane was found guilty of misconduct for the following:

  • Texting the 14-year-old singer at 03:00 during a choir camp in Strandfontein
  • For asking the teen to meet with him outside her room
  • For assaulting at least 10 pupils in a grade 5 English class by hitting them on the palms of their hands with a solid plastic pipe.

Madalane denied all the allegations levelled against him and eventually admitted to committing all of them. 

The arbitrator said that the teacher is not suitable to work with children and asked the SA Council of Educators to revoke his teaching certificate.


There has been a sharp increase in the number of teachers and principals who have been found guilty of or had allegations of sexual misconducts against pupils or their colleagues levelled against them.

To fight this scourge, on Friday, 9 April 2021, the department on Friday gazetted a new batch of terms and conditions of employment of educators, using powers it has under the Employment of Educators Act.

These are some of the conducts that might lead to definite bans

  • A sexual relationship with a pupil
  • Sexual harassment “involving learners”
  • Serious or sexual assault of a student or other educator
  • Illegally possessing an “intoxicating, illegal or stupefying substance”
  • A finding in court of murder or attempted murder, rape, indecent assault, or assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm.

Other forms of conducts have five, four, three and one year bans.

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