Lindiwe Sisulu cONSTITUTION

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‘What you’re saying is illegal!’ – Lindiwe Sisulu in bizarre interview rant

Lindiwe Sisulu abruptly ended an interview on Monday, after she was pressed to give an opinion on Jacob Zuma’s ongoing legal troubles.

Lindiwe Sisulu cONSTITUTION

Image via GCIS

It wasn’t so long ago that Minister Lindiwe Sisulu harboured presidential ambitions. But if her latest interview is anything to go by, she might need a refresher course on how to handle some intense media scrutiny.

‘We saw nobody breaking the law at Nkandla’ – Lindiwe Sisulu

The senior politician, who heads the ministry for water and sanitation, clashed with radio host Clement Manyathela on Monday. Sisulu was criticised for showing up at a packed Nkandla, where she did very little to discourage the illegal gatherings at Jacob Zuma’s sprawling homestead. However, she claimed this was all a matter of perception:

“When we got to Nkandla, we found the police were there. They were very good. It was obvious people were over the gathering limits of Level 4. I inspected the area, and what I’ve heard reported is very different from what I saw there. If you look at the visuals, there are people following the rules.” | Lindiwe Sisulu

Nkandla stand-off dismissed by minister

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Lindiwe Sisulu doubled down on her position. Washing her hands of responsibility, the minister was adamant that any ‘rule-breaking’ only happened once she had vacated the site.

“If you saw what I saw, you would feel different. I will find you the visuals… I had enough time to greet Msholozi. Was the matter yesterday in defiance of lockdown? There were not more than the number of people allowed. The police and the media were there, but they were complaining about a ‘shooting’ that happened early on. I didn’t see that.”

“I was deployed as a member of the ANC Top 6 to ensure the rules and regulations were followed. By the time supporters had gathered and broke the laws, I had already left. I did not see any rule-breaking. I don’t know what time others are talking about, but when I was there, I was very satisfied with the arrangements they had.”

Lindiwe Sisulu accuses host of having ‘illegal views’

Sisulu was then pressed on the alleged defiance Jacob Zuma has shown, following the ConCourt directive which sentenced him to jail almost one week ago. She seemed to misinterpret the impact a rescission has on the existing judgment, before losing her cool with Manyathela – who was accused of ‘speaking illegally’ and ‘casting prejudice’.

“He didn’t fail to hand himself over. Zuma and his lawyers decided to appeal. So the deadline passed, but they were not in defiance of the law, due to their application… the date for the hearing has been set. I’m not aware that there’s a requirement for police to come and pick him up. You are now putting your prejudice across. And that’s illegal.”

“You are imposing you’re own views. They are yours, but you are giving them to society. When the case is over, you are free to say these things. But now, you are creating a prejudiced environment. And I won’t be part of it.”