Limpopo bus attack

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Six Limpopo miners killed following a petrol bomb attack

Horrific scenes from the North East.

Limpopo bus attack

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Six miners were killed in South Africa’s northern province of Limpopo when a suspected petrol bomb was thrown into their bus, police said Tuesday, adding no motive was known for the attack.

“The bus immediately caught fire, instantly killing six people on board and injuring several others,” police said in a statement.

Limpopo blast rocks local community

The bus was carrying night-shift workers to a platinum mine on Monday evening when it was attacked outside the town of Burgersfort.

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) called for police to investigate and arrest those responsible, saying there had been a number of recent violent incidents in the area.

National Union of Mineworkers react to the loss

Phillip Mankge is an official for the NUM. He was left dumbfounded, stating that there was no indication as to why the attack had taken place:

“The bus was carrying 39 workers who were going to work at Modikwa Platinum Mine when it was petrol-bombed. Six workers were burned beyond recognition and the other workers had to escape through windows. We also do not know what is the motive of the attack on those innocent workers who were going to work.”

Capricorn FM report that Limpopo police will be offering a reward to anyone with information about this senseless crime. There is an incentive of R500,000 for those who can come forward with information to shed light on this case.

Where did the bus attack take place?

The blast occurred in Driekop village, just outside of the town of Burgersfort last night.

Burgersfort is located in the valley of the Spekboom River at the edge of the Bushveld Complex in the Greater Tubatse Local Municipality, near the border of the two provinces Limpopo and Mpumalanga

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