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Level 4: Are the new measures paying off yet? An expert weighs in

South Africa was placed on adjusted Level 4 of the lockdown, with the aim of reducing the rate of transmissions under the third wave

lockdown hotspot covid-19 nelson mandela bay

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It’s been less than a week since South Africa entered into adjusted Level 4 of the lockdown, but people have already started wondering whether the measures have in the least bit, proven to be effective yet.

Under the tighter restrictions, the sale of alcohol and gatherings have been banned. While the curfew has been changed to 21:00 and 04:00 every day. These measures were imposed in a bid to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, which begs this questions: Has it been effective at all?

Gauteng, which is currently the epicentre of the third wave, has also been singled out in the latest lockdown measures: Leisure travel in and out of the province has been prohibited – for at least two weeks.

Lockdown in SA: When will the situation improve?

Dr Mary Kawonga, who sits on Gauteng Premier David Makhura’s advisory committee has said that for now, it is far too early to tell whether the lockdown Level 4 restrictions have been paying off.

“It’s way too soon to tell whether the restrictions are having any impact. It usually takes a bit of time, maybe up to maybe two weeks before we can start seeing the impacts of lockdown measures like the one the president announced recently,” Kawonga said in an interview with eNCA.

Kawonga highlighted that the recent COVID-19 cases being picked up were actually detected before the country went into tighter lockdown restrictions.

“It’s unlikely to see a sudden drop in cases, hospitalisations, deaths etc. It’s way too soon to tell. The hospitals continue being under pressure…even after the lockdown restrictions are imposed,” she said.

Kawonga has said however, that they will likely see a change in the figures only after the country reaches its peak in cases. Experts have predicted that the peak in COVID-19 infections will come in the next few days. This means that government would soon consider lifting some of the restrictions – which remain in place, at least until 11 July 2021.