Omicron Gauteng hospitals

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Level 1: Gauteng hospitals now open for 15-min patient visits

The Department of Health has announced Gauteng hospitals are open to patient visitors under Alert level 1. Visits will run for 15 minutes.

Omicron Gauteng hospitals

Image by Flickr

Got someone you care about but could not visit in hospital? Worry no more. Gauteng hospitals are now open to visits for patients once more, the Gauteng Department of Health announced on Tuesday 5 October.

The change follows after the department suspended all patient visits on 17 June when COVID-19 cases wreaked havoc in Gauteng.


The department said the decision has been amended to permit one visitor per patient for 15 minutes per day. Since we live in these COVID-19 times, patience’s friends, relatives, and loved ones can expect to adhere to the strict pandemic rules that everyone is familiar with by now.

“These (visiting times) have been amended to allow one visitor per patient for 15 minutes per day,” said Gauteng Department of Health spokesperson Kwara Kekana.

“The amendment will permit relatives and friends of patients to spend time with their loved ones whilst adhering to Covid-19 safety measures such as social distancing, minimising overcrowding, and hospital congestions.

“This will also ensure promotion and adherence to occupational health and safety measures whilst promoting optimum infection prevention, and control measures at all Gauteng public healthcare centres.”

“All visitors will be screened for temperature and Covid-19 symptoms,” said Kekana about Gauteng hospitals.


The province’s last COVID-19 report was on Sunday night. It revealed that there are a total of 916 848 cases in Gauteng. Additionally, 895 936 people have successfully recovered from the virus, while an unfortunate 19 406 people died.

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