Learners teaching and learning strange behaviour

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Chaos erupts as learners display ‘strange behaviour’ in Durban school

Recently, teaching and learning has been disturbed in schools all over the country as learners have been displaying strange behaviour.

Learners teaching and learning strange behaviour

Photo: Facebook

Chaos erupted at Merebank Secondary School on Friday where emergency services were called after learners displayed signs of being in pain and discomfort while screaming uncontrollably. 

Recently, teaching and learning has been disrupted in schools all over the country due to learners displaying signs of an ancestral calling. 


PT Ambulance Service and PT Tactical Units were called for assistance at the school.

PT paramedics treated the female learners experiencing the discomfort and attempted to stabilise them.

“The affected learners were holding their ears and screaming in terror.

“School management took control of the situation and attempted to maintain calm but scores of learners reacted to the situation by banging on the doors and gates and trying to push their way out of the school premises. Parents arrived at the school to fetch their children.”

PT Alarms

In late February, the AD Lazarus Secondary School in New Germany Road, Reservoir Hills and the P.R. Pather Secondary School in Merebank, Durban both suspended classes for the same reason.


Department of Basic Education spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga said there were about ten schools around the country where these incidents have been reported.

“The occurrence of learners falling down and crying is not new. It was already there even before Google was established, let alone TikTok or any other app for that matter. It is definitely not some social media challenge,” he said.

Mhlanga explained that one would need to witness such an incident to understand what it entails.

“This is a real thing which happens. You only need to either experience it or witness it to fully comprehend what takes place where it hits a school.

“It is a complex matter, and there is no single answer to it as in some communities they prefer pastors to address it whereas in others they say izangoma must intervene.”

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