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The Gauteng province has been rocked by cases related to ill-discipline of learners. Image: @Bangtanmoonlig2 / Twitter

Stabbing, hair-pulling and a brawl: Gauteng rocked by ill-discipline of learners

Some learners skipped classes to drink at a nearby park and others assaulted and removed hair from another learner’s scalp in Gauteng.

matric learner

The Gauteng province has been rocked by cases related to ill-discipline of learners. Image: @Bangtanmoonlig2 / Twitter

Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane has raised concerns about cases related to ill-discipline among learners at Gauteng schools, which were reported this week. 


  • According to the department on Wednesday, 20 October 2022, Altmont Technical High School in Soweto reported that a Grade 8 boy learner was stabbed on the neck by a Grade 9 boy learner outside the school premises. 

The injured learner was reportedly rushed to a nearby clinic and was later transferred to a hospital to receive further medical attention.  

Gauteng Education spokesperson, Steve Mabona said fortunately the learner was discharged at midnight and is currently recovering at home. The perpetrator faces suspension and other pending disciplinary processes following this unlawful act. 

  • In another incident also on Wednesday Wendywood High School in Sandton it was reported that a group of Grade 12 learners skipped school to go on a drinking spree at a nearby park. Thereafter, the learners came to school in the afternoon and started a fight with a group of Grade 10 and 11 learners. 

Mabona said seven Grade 12 learners were taken into custody by Sandton police officials following this incident. They have since been released on R 1 000 bail each, and they also face suspension and further disciplinary action for their unruly behaviour.  

  • On the very same day, it was also reported that a group of parents from T M Lethlake Secondary School in Bekkersdal forcefully locked the gates of the school and prevented learners from attending class. 

The parents reportedly stated that they were protesting for issues that include the appointment of a new principal, disciplinary action to be taken against educators who are allegedly not teaching learners, and the implementation of the school’s code of conduct against learner misconduct at the school. 

Mabona said District officials held a meeting with the parents, where they were assured that these issues will be investigated and attended to accordingly. An administrator has also been deployed to ensure that learning and teaching resumes at the school on Thursday.  

  • On Thursday, 13 October 2022, a Grade 9 female learner from Pretoria Central High School was allegedly assaulted by five female learners during school hours on school premises. The assault was reportedly with an intent to do grievous bodily harm as part of the learner’s hair was removed from her scalp, resulting in her head having bruises and swelling. 

Mabona said the perpetrating learners were identified and suspended, they await a disciplinary hearing for their actions. 

Gauteng Education’s psychosocial support team has been dispatched to all affected schools to offer necessary support. 

Chiloane condemned the acts of ill-discipline and unruly behaviour by learners at the schools saying learners, parents and communities at large should be reminded that schools are institutions of learning and teaching. 

“We appeal that they be treated as such. Any form of ill-discipline and unruly behaviour will be met with disciplinary action, and lawful action if necessary,” he said.

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