Anwar adams IEC rigged innit

Photo: Twitter

Watch | ‘The election is rigged!’ – Councillor’s major meltdown at IEC briefing

There was high drama in the Western Cape on Wednesday, when a disgruntled councillor accused the IEC of ‘rigging the Local Elections’.

Anwar adams IEC rigged innit

Photo: Twitter

Anwar Adams might not have made his mark at the ballot box during the 2021 Elections, but he made sure that the IEC would hear his grievances this week. The Democratic Independent Party President created an almighty scene at the Western Cape’s counting centre, and he was adamant that the vote was ‘rigged’ this year.

Cape Town Councillor claims Local Elections ‘were rigged’

Of course, this is an unsubstantiated claim, and Adams went on to accuse the IEC of being captured by the state. But his rant went on for so long, the Commission had to draw their briefing to a close earlier than planned.

The outgoing City Councillor is demanding a recount of all votes in the process, and believes that his party has been directly affected by bias shown ‘by both the IEC and the media’. Adams continued to vent his frustrations, until the national anthem was played over the top of his tirade…

Watch: Anwar Adams furiously attacks the IEC

Local Elections: Will the IEC have to recount votes?

The Democratic Independent Party did not perform as well as they did in the 2016 Local Elections, but their leader is adamant that foul play is to blame. They aren’t the only party with an axe to grind against the IEC, either.

The National Freedom Party (NFP) is also demanding a recount of the votes, and they want to file a case in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Thursday. The IEC rejected their request for a second look at the results in Ward 1 and Ward 3 of the eDumbe Municipality, and that’s left them almost as Gatvol as Anwar Adams.