Load Shedding Eskom

Load shedding to return in winter. Image: istock

Last day of electricity? Mzansi worried load shedding might resume after elections

“Once the elections has produced a winner, we are back to load shedding,” South Africans predicting black outs to resume.

Load Shedding Eskom

Load shedding to return in winter. Image: istock

Many South Africans are expecting load shedding to resume the day after the national elections.

Although load shedding has been suspended for 63 consecutive days, Mzansi is still not convinced that the power utility has managed to turn things around.

This week, electricity minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa assurances South Africans that no load shedding would be implemented on Election Day.

“Our generation availability continues to perform well. Unplanned outages are averaging at 12,500MW, below what was anticipated for our winter outlook. The energy availability factor (EAF) of four of our power stations is performing above 70%. Our year-to-date EAF is improving gradually and is at 60.73%,” he said.

The minister however did not mention a load shedding free winter. In fact, Eskom said load shedding was expected in winter.

Energy expert Mthunzi Luthuli told Newzroom Afrika that load shedding was on the cards after the election.

“It’s sad that we are sceptical when there is no load shedding. In fact, the opposite should be true, and I think that should highlight how serious the problem is. To answer your question, yes load shedding will definitely return, there are two reasons for that.

“Firstly, you’ll remember that Eskom a few weeks ago, they warned us that load shedding might return, they didn’t say after elections, they said in winter. Obviously, this is after the elections.

Load shedding expected after elections

“The problem with that is that we’ve always known there’s a winter every year so why didn’t they prepare for the winter? Luthuli asked.

South Africans have been sceptical for weeks despite having power throughout.

No black outs on voting days says Eskom

Mzansi expects load shedding to return after elections.

@Bound2Liberty wrote: “What are you having a panic attack over Fikile? we all know the real load shedding will start tomorrow 9pm just as the polls close, and if not very soon thereafter. We all know it’s an election ploy.

@MMakwangwari wrote: “It’s election season. Once the election has produced a winner….we are back to load shedding.”