family petrol bombed

KZN family petrol bombed just weeks after moving into new home

An entire KZN family were wiped out by a petrol bomb in a bizarre attack soon after moving into their new home. We have the details.

family petrol bombed

A Pietermaritzburg family of five was killed just two weeks after moving into the home that they had just purchased. The family’s house was petrol bombed in the early hours of Thursday morning.

IOL reports that the father, 45-year-old Aziz Manjira, was an Indian national who had lived in South Africa for the last 25 years. He lived with his South African wife and the pair’s three teenage children.

The police were reportedly forced to gain entry into the house by breaking burglar bars on a window. Once they were inside, they found a bottle containing petrol.

IOL spoke to a neighbour about how she had met Manjira and his family for the first time just a week ago. She recognised the father as a shop assistant at a local grocery store.

The woman went on to explain that she was woken at 2:00 on Thursday when she heard footsteps on her roof.

“Our homes are semi-­detached. Moments after hearing the footsteps, I heard a man shouting ‘Allah’.This was followed by screaming. I was terrified, too scared to even go and check what was happening.”

“I alerted another neighbour and asked her to phone the police.”

According to her, the screams were coming from the top floor of Manjira’s house.

The police arrived 20 minutes later when the house was already on fire. The flames were put out a few minutes later as the fire department arrived.

“They brought the lifeless bodies out one by one. they tried checking for signs of life, but there were none.”

Other neighbours also believe that the petrol bomb was thrown through the lounge window. The two youngest children were sleeping in an upstairs bedroom and are believed to have died from smoke inhalation.

The eldest child and the parents were sleeping downstairs, their bodies suffered severe burns. The children had previously been seen explaining how delighted they were to finally have a yard to play in.

The Pietermaritzburg police have confirmed that they are investigating five cases of murder as well as one case of arson.