KwaZulu-Natal can expect some cold weather today. Image: Pixabay

KwaZulu-Natal Weather: Cloudy SINGLE DIGIT weather expected

KwaZulu-Natal can expect a COLD and cloudy day, with SINGLE DIGIT weather in areas such as Kokstad and Underberg


KwaZulu-Natal can expect some cold weather today. Image: Pixabay

KwaZulu-Natal is in for a cloudy and cool day today, 27 March, with single digit weather expected in areas such as Giants Castle and Underberg according to the SA Weather Service.

Kokstad will see a minimum of 5°C.

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Here is the weather forecast for your area:

A cold day is expected for KwaZulu-Natal. Image: @SAWeatherServic Twitter

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Prepare your car for the cold

Arrive Alive give the following tips to prepare your car for driving during cold weather conditions.

  • Keep your windscreen, windows, and mirrors clean and demisted for better visibility. Make sure your wipers are in good working order and top up your windscreen washer reservoir with a winter additive.
  • Clean your bonnet, roof, and exhaust pipe to ensure your safety and that of other road users. Check your exhaust pipe for blockages to prevent carbon monoxide from leaking into your car.
  • Check your tyre tread and pressure, and consider investing in snow tyres or snow chains if you frequently drive in wintery or icy conditions.
  • Visit an authorised dealership for a professional inspection of your vehicle’s components, including the windshield wipers, defrosters, battery, lights, and safety system. Make sure your oil and anti-freeze are at the correct levels.

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  • Plan your journey carefully by checking the weather forecast and listening to traffic announcements for any road advisories or closures.
  • Save the number of your breakdown provider in your phone.
  • Be aware of black ice, a thin layer of ice that is hard to spot and can make steering and stopping difficult. Adjust your speed and braking distance, and avoid sudden braking or acceleration.

“See and be seen. Keep your lights on low when driving in the snow. Look ahead for traffic lights, stop signs, curves, and give yourself enough time to react.” the statement said.