Kurt Darren

Image via: Kurt Darren / Instagram

Kurt Darren’s family safe after car accident in KwaZulu-Natal

South African Singer Kurt Darren took to social media thanking authorities for attending to his family on Friday afternoon.

Kurt Darren

Image via: Kurt Darren / Instagram

South African singer Kurt Darren’s family was involved in a dreaded accident in KwaZulu-Natal on Friday afternoon 11 December. On Saturday morning Darren took to social media thanking authorities for attending to his family at the accident scene. He also posted images of the damaged vehicles. 


Kurt Darren, in a relatively short post, said he was not looking for sensation by posting the happenings and that he simply wanted to thank certain institutions for their speedy response. 

“Captain Dolf Otto, my family and I will always be grateful that you and your team were at the scene of the accident so quickly yesterday afternoon. The fact that you called for help to bring my wife, children and family from a deserted stretch of highway to a safe haven speaks volumes of your humanity, thank you very much!” he said. 

Darren posted an image of a Volkswagen on its side as well as a white Volvo that had been damaged. According to Darren’s spokesperson, he was not involved in the accident.  


Just four weeks ago, Kurt Darren posted an image of what appeared to be his daughter’s 6th birthday party. 

“Congratulations to our special Angel, Kyrah, on your 6th birthday, you are such a light in our lives, and we are more and more grateful for you and your little brother every day !! Thanks to Sun City Resort for the great treat on Kyrah’s special day, appreciate, everything is just perfect!” he said. 


He then went on to lambaste Volvo for their service, threatening to switch car brands. 

“Volvo Assist, and this I’ll write in english so that you will all fully understand, the way you left my family stranded on a deserted piece of Kwazulu Natal highway is utterly disgusting and unacceptable,” he said. 

“I sincerely hope that your family is never ever left in such a hopeless and dangerous situation,” he added.  

Kurt Darren said his wife’s Volvo XC90 would most probably be written off. He added that he could guarantee to switch car brands in the future.

“I can 100% guarantee you we will be looking to purchase a different car brand entirely. I’m just so thankful the Lord sent some angels to hold my family together. Much love to all, and please stay safe on the road this Christmas,” he added.