Kingpin believed to be behind SA business kidnappings extradited

A major breakthrough?


On Friday, it was revealed that Thailand has extradited a Mozambican man wanted for multiple kidnappings and murders.

Momade Assif Abdul Satar made his way into Thailand three years ago, soon after being released on Parole from a Mozambique jail for the murder of an investigative journalist.

Interpol then issued a “red notice” as more allegations continued to link Satar to a ransom-kidnap business running in both Mozambique and South Africa.

The gang has charged up to $3m for some businessmen’s release.

With 15 businessmen being kidnapped from South Africa in the last few years, the most recent incident happened as early as the start of July.

Liyaqat Parker was abducted in the underground parking area of his business and is still missing, despite the efforts of local police.

The extradition comes as the Thai government look to crack down on foreign criminals utilising the country as a base for their operations.

In a statement released on on 10 July, Parker’s family sent a message to those involved.

“Our father and brother is an elderly man so we also appeal to those who may be involved or know persons who may be connected with this crime, to just please release him unharmed before his health deteriorates.”

“Liyaqat is a devoted family man, a known astute businessman who built up the business through sheer hard work over many years, a community worker and philanthropist, having served as a member of The Friends of the Children’s Hospital Association for several years.”

The Thailand government told journalists that it believes Satar entered the country with a fake passport before setting up a front company to obtain a visa.