Cape Town estate agent helps d


Cape Town estate agent helps deliver baby in show-house bathroom

A real estate agent recently trusted her instincts and used her veterinary nursing skills to help deliver a baby after showcasing a house to new clients.

Cape Town estate agent helps d


A real estate agent from Trust Property recently helped a woman give birth in a show house in Cape Town.

Kim Hansen had a viewing at Table View in Cape Town on Friday when she heard somebody scream.

According to a Facebook post from Trust Property, a woman working at the house had gone into labour. Kim ended up helping the woman give birth by trusting her instincts. She reportedly has some veterinary nursing experience.

“I have lost count of how many animals I had brought into the world, but a human baby? I am still recovering. I am overwhelmed,” Kim told News24 on Saturday.

Kim said that she sent her clients home, to investigate the screams. She reportedly asked the elderly homeowners what was going on when she found their domestic worker in the bathroom.

“The man said he was trying to call an ambulance. When I went to look what was happening, I found the domestic worker standing on her feet, in the process of giving birth in the bathroom,” she said.

“The baby was halfway out. Knowing what I know about the ambulance service in this country, I realised that the baby would be born before they even got there. So I told myself, ‘Get your shit together, Kim'”.

Kim went on to use gloves from a hair dye kit to help deliver the baby boy.

The baby and mother was later taken to the hospital.

“It was divine intervention – I was meant to be there. I would never leave someone who was in need of help,” Kim told News24 further.

“It was a blessing to have been part of this; I am humbled.”

Now, Trust Property is calling on the public for any donations to help the baby and mother out. Visit their Facebook Page for more information.

So our estate agent Kim delivered a baby at a showing on Friday here are some answers as we are inundated with comments…

Posted by Trust Property on Sunday, June 2, 2019