eden laird baby found

Kidnapped baby Eden Laird found unharmed in Gauteng

Wonderful news the baby is found and been taken to hospital for a medical. Arrests have been made.

eden laird baby found

Baby Eden Laird who was reported kidnapped on Tuesday, 2 May has been found unharmed.

The Pink Ladies, an organisation for missing children, led a campaign on social media, supported by law enforcement and the general public to try and find the baby.

Below is the full statement released by the Pink Ladies on their Facebook page.

The organisation said the baby was found unharmed and taken to hospital for a medical. Several arrests have been made after a ransom demand was made and a money drop was unsuccessful.

Below is the full statement from Pink Ladies.

“FOUND KIDNAPPED CHILD Brackendowns GP Eden Laird 13 months old 2 May 2018. Wonderful news the baby is found and been taken to hospital for medical.”

The child is unharmed, arrest have been made after a successful operation by all role players.

We thank Saps Brackendowns Col Tsabalala Col Thompson and team. CPF Brackendowns, PLTT/PLVT Clinton Swartz, Wendy Skeens plus our members FB Twitter who supported us and made this happen. Let the healing begin. Nana Head Operations SA.

Operational Success:

PHO Trio LtCol Prowse, Capt Hicks Team.
SAPS HO, Ekhuruleni Cluster, Brackendowns.
Fidelity Specialised Services
Rentrak R4
Brackendowns CPF.

On Wednesday 2/5/2018 a 13 month old baby was kidnapped in the Brackendowns area as per Cas 05/05/2018. LtCol Jordaan was the cluster duty officer on duty and was tasked with the resolution of the kidnapping.

The suspects called the parents and demanded R 6 000 000 for the safe release of the child.

After an unsuccessful money drop on the 3/5/2018 the PHO Trio Team was asked to assist with a money drop on the 4/5/2018.

An operational plan was put together by the team and the money drop off was observed.

When the team had sight of the baby a tactical takedown of the suspects was executed.

The baby was safely returned to the father and taken to a hospital for a medical examination.

2 suspects were arrested at the drop off point. After further investigations the domestic worker from the baby’s parents home was also arrested with some of the earlier recieved ransom money.

Further investigations led to the arrest of a further 2 suspects as well as the vehicle used to transport the kidnapped baby a red Nissan Sentra was also recovered.

All suspects will be detained at Brackendowns SAPS and FCS Ekhuruleni West Cluster will investigate the case further.

Detention at Brackendowns SAPS
Exhibits handed in Brackendowns