Ajay Gupta is confronted by Justin van Pletzen

South African who filmed Ajay Gupta in Dubai released by authorities

We think they’ve got the wrong guy.


Ajay Gupta is confronted by Justin van Pletzen

Justin van Pletzen has officially been released from police custody, following his arrest shortly after taking a video of Ajay Gupta emerging from an office in Dubai. That’s according to an IOL report.

The footage shows the businessman confronting Gupta, to ask him if he’s going back to SA anytime soon. The relaxed billionaire was all too happy to engage in small talk, but kept his cards close to his chest when talking about his next move.

He was pressed further, but Gupta gave a rather cryptic response:

“They’re not giving a reply. The day they give a reply, I’ll go there.”

Why was van Pletzen arrested?

No clear reason was disclosed by authorities in the UAE, but it is believed he was detained for “filming without permission”. DIRCO were able to confirm that the South African businessman had been arrested on Wednesday.

The South African Consulate General in Dubai have also relayed the information that van Pletzen was indeed detained after the video, which caught the attention of authorities.

Ajay Gupta and film-gate: What happens next?

DIRCO have since remained tight-lipped on the updated situation, but the release may not yet be the end of this situation.

Sending out a statement yesterday, the Internation Relations department said they weren’t able to confirm the date of a court appearance. It remains to be seen whether this still applies now van Pletzen has been released. This is what DIRCO said in their most recent update:

“It is alleged that Mr Van Pletzen’s arrest is linked to a video he recently circulated about Mr Ajay Gupta whom he met in Dubai. However, this is yet to be confirmed by the local authorities.”

“Consular staff from the mission in Dubai did visit Mr Van Pletzen on 11 April 2018 and DIRCO will maintain contact with Mr van Pletzen and his family to render consular services.”

Public decency laws in Dubai

Despite his release, the South African now faces uncertainty about what happens next, from a legal perspective. Van Pletzen seemed to be very aware of the “strict public decency” laws in the city and said that it was the only thing stopping him from “punching” Ajay Gupta last week.

However, it seems he’s the only one receiving a sucker punch.