Julius Malema Twitter

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Julius Malema ‘offers olive branch’ to white farmers on land issue

As far as speeches from Julius Malema go, this one was quite amicable. Juju has explained how black and white South Africans ‘can work-out the land issue’.

Julius Malema Twitter

Photo: EFF / Twitter

EFF leader Julius Malema isn’t usually one to make peace offerings – so his latest act of civility in reference to land reform may come as a surprise to many. Juju says he wants white South Africans ‘work with his party’ on the expropriation issue.

Juju’s racial rhetoric

Malema was speaking outside of the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday. The assault case brought against him was postponed until March 2021. He stands accused of forcefully pushing an officer during an altercation in 2018. The firebrand politician has argued that his actions did not constitute ‘violent conduct’, however.

Throughout the trial, Julius Malema has berated the cop who filed the complaint, making references to his race outside of court. The chief of the Red Berets was also a lightning rod for controversy during the recent Senekal protests. But, for a moment on Thursday afternoon at least, Malema seems ready to extend an olive branch to those concerned by his rhetoric.

Julius Malema ‘wants to work with whites’ on land reform

The self-appointed CIC has explained that he wants white South Africans to continue with their possession of land – as long as they accept that the expropriation programme has to happen for ‘transformational purposes’. For many, this won’t help soothe their suspicions of Julius Malema… but this is probably the closest he’ll ever come to a compromise:

“Do not listen to the Doomsayers, go and read the EFF Founding Manifesto; we want to give the land to you but this land does not mean there can’t be white people on the land. The white people are going to be with us – after all, they are visitors in our land.”

“What type of a family are you if you don’t welcome visitors? When we leave here we must always preach the gospel of equality. We don’t want to suppress the white man the same way they suppress the black man.”

Julius Malema