Julius Malema sanef

Julius Malema / Image via Twitter: Economic Freedom Fighters

Julius Malema praises Western Cape cops’ hardline approach

Julius Malema giving Western Cape governance a nod.

Julius Malema sanef

Julius Malema / Image via Twitter: Economic Freedom Fighters

Julius Malema, Commander in Chief of the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters), has praised the Western Cape’s metro police for their no-nonsense approach.

It’s unusual for Malema to praise anything to do with theWestern Cape’s governance. Usually, the Red Beret donning revolutionary has nothing good to say about the Democratic Alliance (DA) and its administrative prowess.

Julius Malema gives DA governance a nod

So it came as a surprise to many when the EFF leader, during his Manifesto Consultation Assembly address on Sunday, gave a nod to the Western Cape’s law enforcement operations, specifically the region’s metro police.

The DA, by virtue of its Western Cape governance, funds, trains and deploys metro police officers to support the efforts of an overwhelmed South African Police Service (SAPS). In recent months, the DA has complained bitterly about the province’s lack of national police support – citing shocking crime statistics, particularly on the Cape Flats, and a massively imbalanced officer-to-citizen ratio.

Malema, while addressing issues concerning the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD), said:

“In the Western Cape, the Metro Police does not take bribes and they do not negotiate any wrong doing. We need a similar attitude here.”

Corruption among cops a great concern

Malema, who was addressing members of the safety, security and policing sector, urged those in attendance to stamp out corruption and assist law enforcement officials. Malema said that while the JMPD, also deployed by a DA mayor, Herman Mashaba, was making a dent in criminal operations within the inner-city, it needed to adopt a firmer approach.

The EFF leader urged law enforcement to act swiftly and consistently on crime hotspots, pointing specifically to the area of Sunnyside, in Pretoria, saying:

“Damboti Flats is a well known place for drug smuggling and stolen goods, I do not understand why there is no random and consistent attack on the flat.

All these places are known, we ought to deal with the problem of drugs, we do not care if it sold by South Africans or Nigerians but it must be dealt with. At the centre of it, is corruption. We ought to deal with corruption.”