Malema Zindzi Mandela social distancing

Photo: EFF / Twitter

What mask? Malema ‘ignores social distancing’ at Zindzi Mandela funeral

The EFF is advocating for the return of Level 5 lockdown – so this maskless, non-socially-distant encounter isn’t a great look for Julius Malema.

Malema Zindzi Mandela social distancing

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Julius Malema has attended the funeral of Zindzi Mandela, following her untimely passing earlier this week. The daughter of Madiba was laid to rest on Friday, during a funeral service in Fourways. However, it would seem that Juju has – quite literally – let the mask slip, and social distancing went out the window earlier.

Posting a series of photos to their Twitter account, the EFF made South Africans aware of their solidarity with the Mandela family. And fair enough, really: Malema and his deputies enjoyed a close relationship with Nelson’s children, and Zindzi had even sung the praises of the Red Berets last year.

Where’s your mask, Julius Malema?

However, while paying their respects, it seems that Malema, Dali Mpofu and the Mandelas let their guard down. The groups ended up mixing and posing for photos, as social distancing was largely ignored and masks were, temporarily, nowhere to be seen. Juju was later seen with a face-covering during the service, but these snaps inside a confined area will raise a few health and safety concerns:

Zindzi Mandela funeral: Lack of social distancing stirs EFF critics

Social media users didn’t waste any time in calling Julius Malema out, either. The firebrand politician is a staunch advocate of returning to a hard lockdown, so his brief flouting of the rules stood out like a sore thumb:

It wasn’t just Julius Malema who ‘saw the mask slip’

He wasn’t the only political figure to forget there was a global pandemic happening. Lindiwe Sisulu, in a moment of grief, had a brief slip when she exchanged pleasantries with another attendee…