Julius Malema Mandela

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Julius Malema shares his opinion on Nelson Mandela’s “big mistake”

Julius Malema thinks Nelson Mandela dropped the ball when he prioritised RDP housing in 1994, and suggested the alternative he would have implemented.

Julius Malema Mandela

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Nobody’s perfect, but it takes a special kind of hubris to question the political nous of Nelson Mandela. However, Julius Malema has never been the shy and retiring type – just as we’ve seen on Tuesday.

The EFF leader began his day with a train journey through Durban. He was left a little bemused by the cramped conditions and uncomfortable travel arrangements. Then he showed up at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) to rally the students ahead of election day in three weeks’ time.

Julius Malema at DUT

Malema rifled through a whole host of topics during his address, and touched on several subject areas that are set to determine the way voters sway on Wednesday 8 May.

  • Malema claimed that he is only called a racist because he “speaks the truth”, adding that he’s “proud” to be labelled that way.
  • He told crowds that “his dream” is to see black people employing white people en-masse. This, he says, is real equality.
  • He had a unique take on Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa, too – he said they were “two slabs of meat cooked in the same pot”, insinuating both were corrupt politicians.

Julius Malema on Mandela’s mistake

However, perhaps his most startling point came when he addressed the subject of free education. Julius Malema claims that Nelson Mandela got his priorities wrong, and should have championed free education over RDP housing – the government homes which were assigned to displaced citizens as a result of apartheid.

In Juju’s book, Madiba should have left housing until later. He believes that people could “build their own houses” once they’d received an education, limiting the need for government help:

“If your parent is a teacher or in the police you deserve free education because those people are not getting paid much. Nelson Mandela made a big mistake by making RDP houses a priority, he should have made education a priority because people can build houses for themselves they are educated.”

Julius Malema

Not much room for sentiment

It seems the “Son of the Soil” has a few pointers for the “Father of the Nation”. Despite cutting his political teeth in the ANC as their Youth League leader, Julius Malema isn’t the most sentimental fellow when it comes to remembering Nelson Mandela. Last year, he lambasted their ANC for relying too heavily on Madiba’s name.