Malema Police steenhuisen

EFF leader Julius Malema.
Image source via Twitter @EFFSouthAfrica

Malema challenged to relinquish SAPS security detail amidst police threats

Malema is the only opposition leader to benefit from a state security detail, which Steenhuisen has deemed ‘hypocrisy of the highest order’.

Malema Police steenhuisen

EFF leader Julius Malema.
Image source via Twitter @EFFSouthAfrica

If Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema wants to continue driving threats against members of the South African Police Service (SAPS), he needs to relinquish his state sponsored security detail, Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen has said. 

After clashes between EFF protesters and police outside Brackenfell High School last week Friday, Malema caused outrage by challenging his supporters to “go into [police officer’s] homes and fighting them in their own houses, with their own families”. 

‘Malema must give up security detail’ – Steenhuisen  

Steenhuisen said on Friday that considering the fact that Malema is the only opposition arty leader who benefits from a security detail, his threats constitute “hypocrisy of the highest order”. 

“To target the police is very dangerous. We already have a scourge of police killings, and I imagine this could escalate as a result of these comments,” he said. 

“We’ve already seen that Malema’s blind followers are absolutely follow his orders to the letter, and I believe we are going to see an uptick in attacks on police. Malema must take responsibility for that.”

‘Government, Parliament must punish the EFF and Malema

He said that national government and parliament need to begin serving Malema with punishment for his actions, saying that when he and other MPs were sworn in, they “pledged to uphold the constitution” and, he emphasised, “all other law of the republic”.

“When members of parliament go out onto the ground and break the law and – very clearly – incite violence, it’s time that our agencies act and stop the mollycoddling of the EFF.”

“Stop treating them as if they’re specialist group need to be cosseted all the time. We need to confront them directly,” he insisted. 

He then challenged Malema to give up his security privileges if he really does buy into his own rhetoric. 

“If Malema is so anti-police – if he believes that the police are not doing their job and that they are at war with him – I challenge him to give up your security detail that has provided to him by the state.”

“Mr Malema, you are the only opposition leader who has a security detail. If you are calling on the public to attack police officers, then I think it is a disgrace that you are sitting with police protection.”

DA submit Parliamentary questions requesting update on charges against EFF 

DA Chief Whip Natasha Mazzone said that an update on their various charges laid against members of the EFF and Malema over the course of the year. Most relate to incidents in which party members allegedly incited their supporters to engage in violence. 

“The parliamentary questions will ensure transparency regarding the investigation and prosecution of all the charges laid against EFF leader Julius Malema and his cronies and that the wheels of justice continue turning, however slowly,” she said.

“Unless they are held to account for their criminal behaviour, the danger that South Africans will become used to and eventually immune to the EFF’s vicious antics aimed at disruption, destruction and intimidation, looms large.”

EFF a ‘one-trick pony that needs to retire’ 

Mazzone said that the EFF have persistently put lives and livelihoods in danger by engaging in “violence and destruction, and that this behaviour has a direct influence on the poorest people in the country.

“Through their racist and violent remarks, they perpetuate the notion that there are more that separate South Africans than there are that unites us in the hopes of garnering votes,” she said. 

“What the EFF is really doing is a highly effective parlour trick. While South Africans are watching the increasing vandalism and race baiting, the EFF leaders are distracting people from their terrible track records of corruption, poor governance and empty promises.”

“The EFF is a one-trick pony and it’s time that poor pony retires.”