Jub Jub returns to Uyajola 9/9

Jub Jub will back with a bang on Moja Love’s reality show ‘Uyajola 99’.
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‘Welcome back?’ Jub Jub’s ‘Uyajola 9/9’ return gets GBV backlash

Jub Jub returns with a new season of ‘Uyajola 9/9’…leaving gender-based violence activists fuming. Take a look…

Jub Jub returns to Uyajola 9/9

Jub Jub will back with a bang on Moja Love’s reality show ‘Uyajola 99’.
Image via Twitter

Just six months after being suspended amid rape allegations, controversial musician and TV presenter, Jub Jub is back in action with a new season of Uyajola 9/9 loading.

Why was Jub Jub suspended?

Moja Love suspended the TV presenter in December 2021, after several women including well-known actress and the convicted rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Amanda du Pont publicly accused him of rape and sexual assault.

At the time, Amanda released a video on Instagram, alleging that Jub Jub raped her several times during their two-year relationship and allegedly tried to kill her.

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Amanda’s public allegations came in the wake of Jub Jub’s interview on Mac G’s podcast, where he spoke in a crass manner about his time in prison and his relationships with Amanda and singer Kelly Khumalo.

In a statement issued at the time, Moja Love said it did not condone any form of gender-based violence and therefore had decided to suspend trhe Uyajola 9/9 presenter. The channel also gave him an ultimatum to either apologise to Kelly or exit the channel.

JUB JUB set to be back with a bang

On 7 June, the rapper once again found himself in the line of fire after he shared a teaser for the upcoming season of the hit reality cheating show.

In the teaser Jub Jub can be seen in a helicopter, flying across different cities including Cape Town and Durban.

“Welcome back to another hot season of Uyajola 9/9.

Gender-based violence activism group fuming!

As the news made its way onto the Twitter streets, tweeps and gender-based violence activists called Moja Love to task.

Women For Change labelled the move “absolutely disgusting”.

“SA entertainment industry is shocking @MojaLoveTV why would you take Jub Jub back? What is wrong with you?” read the tweet.

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Official confirmation

In a statement issued to The South African, Bokani Moyo, head of Moja Love TV channels, confirmed the presenter was back after undergoing “stringent sensitivity” training.

“He has also apologised for his utterances, especially to the mother of his child Kelly Khumalo. Jub Jub has requested that he deals with personal matters privately and has assured us that this will not interfere with his work and as the channel, we respect that,” added Bokani.