JUST IN: Joburg Mayor Jolidee Matongo killed in a car accident

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Johannesburg Mayor: Mashaba SLAMS election of Jolidee Matongo

Action SA President Herman Mashaba said that new Johannesburg Mayor Jolidee Matongo brings a long history of corruption to his new post.

JUST IN: Joburg Mayor Jolidee Matongo killed in a car accident

Photo: File

Former Johannesburg Mayor and President of Action SA, Herman Mashaba, has issued a scathing response to the decision to elect Jolidee Matongo as the metro’s new Mayor, saying that “the ANC’s spin doctor” brings a legacy of corruption to his new position. 

Earlier on Tuesday, the The African National Congress (ANC) in Johannesburg nominated its MMC for Finance Jolidee Matongo for the post, and without any opposition to his candicacy, he was elected as Mayor by Council Speaker Nonceba Molwele. 

Jolidee Mtongo elected Johannesburg Mayor  

Molwele said that in the event that a candidate runs unopposed, the person presiding must declare that candidate elected. 

“So with the powers invested on me as the Speaker of Council, I duly declare Councillor Jolidee Matongo as the executive mayor of the city of Johannesburg,” she said. 

The decision to elect Matongo has raised the ire of Mashaba, who said in a statement on Tuesday that Johannesburg’s new Mayor “propped, patted, and applauded the corruption carried out by the ANC and its former Mayor within the City of Johannesburg, all at the expense of residents who continue to watch service delivery deteriorate in the City”.

“The election of Matongo – through the ANC and DA coalition – has once again failed to provide the City with credible leadership,” he said. “They have failed to provide Joburg with a leader who can effectively end corruption and provide service delivery.” 

He said that Matongo can offer Joburg residents “nothing new except continued corruption and broken service delivery”, and said that residents must be given their Constitutionally enshrined opportunity to go to the polls and “finally vote the ANC out”.

Mashaba condemns appointment  

Mashaba said that Matongo was recently responsible for tabling a budget “full of election promises and little prospects of delivery”. 

“As expected, there is yet to be any visible evidence of any change in service delivery,” he said, adding that this failure is a clear demonstration of the ANC’s intention of “using the City’s coffers as an electioneering vehicle”.

“It was in the same budget that Matongo made provision for R45 million to re-establish the Joburg Tourism Company, the dastardly evidence of an out-of-touch City leadership intent on selling the lie of a ‘World Class African City’, while the City’s residents live without quality services and growing squalor,” he said.