US Election Joe Biden

Photo: Twitter/adam

Biden: US Election win ‘not a victory for blue or red states, but for the USA’

Biden did not claim US election victory, but said that he is confident that he is on course for an ‘historic win’ over President Donald Trump

US Election Joe Biden

Photo: Twitter/adam

Speaking on Wednesday afternoon from Delaware, Joe Biden said that the incoming US election results are pointing towards his historic victory over current president Donald Trump. 

Instead of proclaiming victory in the unprecedented vote, as his counterpart did earlier in the day, Biden said that he is carefully monitoring the influx of votes in Michigan and Wisconsin, and projecting a victory for himself and the Democratic Party that will demonstrate the unity of America’s people.

Biden confident of victory  

Biden said that the early indications are that his campaign has done enough to secure victory after having seemingly secured critical states Wisconsin and Michigan.

“Now after a long night of counting, its clear that we’re winning enough votes to win the presidency,” he said. “I’m not here to report that we’ve won, I am going to report that officially just yet.” 

“Virtually all the votes that have been cast by mail are going our way. We flipped Arizona. Of special significance is that we won with the majority of the American people. And every indication is the the majority will grow.”

He said that he and his running mate Kamala Harris have achieved an unprecedented success in terms of the history of US elections. 

“Senator Harris and I are on course to win more votes than any on the ticket in this country’s history. We have over 70 million votes. Only three people have defeated an incumbent president, and when it’s finished – God willing – well be the fourth. This is a major achievement.”

Expected election win ‘a victory for all Americans’ 

He said that should he keep on course and ultimately win the dramatic electoral showdown, the victory will be felt among all of the American people. 

“This has been a hard time for our country. We’ve had hard campaigns and hard times before. Once this campaign is behind us, it will be time to do as Americans – with the harsh rhetoric of the campaign behind us – to lower the temperature, to see each other again, to listen to one another, and hear each other again.”

‘We will need to respect and care for each other, and unite, and heal, and come together as a nation.”

He delivered a message of unity ahead of what he suggests is an imminent victory. 

“I know this won’t be easy – I’m not naive. I know how deep and hard the opposing views in this country are, but I know this as well; to make progress, we have to stop treating our opponents as enemies.”

“We the people will not be bullied, we will not surrender. I am confident that we will emerge victorious, that this will not be my victory alone. It will be a victory for the American people – a victory for democracy. There will be no blue states or red states, it will just be the United States of America.”