The EFF has accused Joburg Speaker Vasco Da Gama of spending R650 000 on a cancelled lunch. PHOTO: Twitter/@EffJhbRegion

Joburg Speaker wasted R650k on lunch at collapsed meeting – EFF

The EFF is accusing Speaker Vasco Da Gama of collapsing a Council meeting which didn’t last an hour, but spent R650 000 on lunch for it.


The EFF has accused Joburg Speaker Vasco Da Gama of spending R650 000 on a cancelled lunch. PHOTO: Twitter/@EffJhbRegion

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have accused Johannesburg Council Speaker Vasco da Gama on spending R650 000 million on lunch for a collapsed meeting last week.


According to the EFF, Da Gama announced the collapse of the 7th extra-ordinary council meeting last week. This was because he claimed the meeting did not meet quorum as only 118 councillors had logged in virtually to attend the meeting.

To form a quorum, the council meeting requires 136 attendees out of 270 elected Johannesburg councillors, EFF regional chairperson and caucus leader Sepetlele Raseruthe said.

But at the time of Da Gama’s pronouncement, 200 councillors were in the chambers, Raseruthe said.

EFF says Speaker Vasco Da Gama collapsed a council meeting by sending the incorrect link for virtual attendees. PHOTO: Twitter/@CoJSpeaker

“The EFF was in full attendance when the Speaker misled council – after he distributed a new log-in link which was completely new and no one was aware of it,” he said.  

“The Democratic Alliance (DA) led Johannesburg council together with its lap dogs – its coalition partners, spent to a tune of R650 000 on a single lunch after it its remote-controlled Speaker, Vasco Da Gama, deliberately collapsed council proceedings.”

Sepetlele Raseruthe

The meeting lasted less than an hour.

The party accuses Da Gama of “fighting tooth and nail” to ensure a new acting Speaker of Council is appointed. According to Raseruthe, this attempt is the DA’s ambition to have total control of the administration.

“[This is done] by forcing to appoint a former disgraced individual by the name of Madimetsa J. Molekwa, who ran away and resigned from the Johannesburg Metropolitan Council after pending investigations of being a delinquent and allegedly appointing relatives into strategic positions.”

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But the council meeting collapsed when violence broke out last Thursday after the EFF councillors charged at Da Gama.

The party was unhappy with an item on the Council meeting agenda, which saw the red-berets getting up from their chairs and ascending to Da Gama’s seat.

EFF members are seen ascending to the Speaker’s seat as they oppose an item on the Council meeting’s agenda. PHOTO: Screenshot/YouTube

A fight broke out and according to Da Gama and Joburg Mayor Mpho Phalatse, a female EFF councillor assaulted another council official. Two other women were also assaulted in the scuffle.

Da Gama said on Friday that he will lay criminal charges against those involved in the violence.

“I will be reporting all councillors involved in this abhorrent display of violence to the South African Police Service to be charged and have mandated the Ethics Committee to attend to this matter urgently,” Da Gama says.

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But the EFF says the DA-led government was using tactics to influence voting in Council.

“The EFF wil not fold its arms and watch how the DA continue to undermine Council rules by using its desperate and hungry voting mules who continue to sing for their supper,” Raseruthe said.