jeremy olivier

Facebook / Jeremy Olivier

Jeremy Olivier gifts friendly newspaper salesman with a car [video]

It feels good to know that there are still people like Jeremy around in South Africa.

jeremy olivier

Facebook / Jeremy Olivier

The beauty in giving lies in the fact that nothing ought to be expected in return. This was the display of such beauty. Thank goodness South Africa still has people like Jeremy Olivier.

How Jeremy Olivier changed the life of Bongani

The talented musician ushered into the scene and stole the hearts of many South Africans when he won the debut season of The Voice SA. The philanthropic musician whose album, Changing Worlds, is doing wonders sought, along with the help of his family, to change the life of Bongani, the newspaper salesman.

In the emotional video he shared on his page, Olivier told us about Bongani, the guy his family has known for many years.

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What first started out as a casual, sales encounter, turned into fully-fledged friendship. The Olivier knew of Bongani’s life story.

He depends on the sale of newspapers to put food in the mouths of his dependents and collecting the papers every morning has been a consistent battle for many years.

In Olivier’s own words, it was his wife and manager, Nicole, who put it out to the Universe that they would, one day, gift Bongani with a car.

Well, the law of attraction sure does work in wondrous ways because fast-forward to five years later, and the wish the Oliviers had for Bongani came to be.

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After being sponsored with a new car, the Oliviers had the opportunity to hand over the keys of their old car to Bongani.

So, on they went and Olivier picked Bongani up, under the guise that he needed his assistance with ‘something’.

They took a short trip to a vacant parking lot where Olivier’s family and Bongani’s new car were waiting for them.

An emotional scene to say the least. Bongani was ever-so-thankful and asked God to protect this family at all costs.

What a day to be proudly South African.

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Watch: Emotional scenes as Bongani gets his new car