Japan ignores International Co

Japan ignores International Court ruling, plans to resume whaling in Antarctic

The Japanese government, despite a ruling by the International Court of Justice, has decided that it will resume its suspended minke whaling programme.

Japan ignores International Co

It’s been a year since they put the programme on hold, where they used to kill 1000 minke whales a year. Government says that the new programme will only slaughter 333 whales a year.

Japan’s government says that their “scientific” whaling programme – scientific slaughter? – will be much smaller than before, but the Australian and UK government – not to mention international environment rights groups —  are not happy… to say the least.

“We do not accept in any way, shape or form the concept of killing whales for so-called ‘scientific research’,” said Astralia’s environment minister Greg Hunt.

The UK’s environment ministry Defra) wasn’t too kind either: “We are deeply disappointed with Japan’s decision to restart whaling in the Southern Ocean. This undermines the global ban on commercial whaling which the UK strongly supports.”

Twitter wasn’t all that forgiving either, as you can expect: