Duduzile Zuma Jabulani Khumalo

MK Party leader Jacob Zuma and his daughter Duduzile. Image: @themankosi

‘There will be trouble’: Zuma warns the IEC not to declare results

Former president Jacob Zuma says there is no rush for the IEC to declare the election results as there are discrepancies and alleged rigging.

Duduzile Zuma Jabulani Khumalo

MK Party leader Jacob Zuma and his daughter Duduzile. Image: @themankosi

Former President and uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) Party leader Jacob Zuma has warned the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) not to declare the results on Sunday, 2 June.

Zuma made a “grand entrance” at the IEC results centre on Saturday, just minutes before a briefing scheduled by the IEC on the finalisation of the results and objections from various political parties.


During the briefing, MK Party spokesperson Nhlamulo Ndhlela confirmed that they have submitted evidence (both audio and video) to the IEC to prove the alleged rigging.

Ndhlela said they are consulting with their legal team as they are contemplating an election re-run in the whole country. In addition, they also want a commission of inquiry into the election process.

Additionally, Former President Zuma warned the IEC not to declare the results. He said there is no rush to declare the results and people should not be provoked.

“Some say machines crashed. No machine crashed. Wrong things were being done on the machines. I hope whoever is responsible hears what we are saying…don’t start trouble where there is no trouble. Give political parties which I think are a majority a chance to present their cases, information and everything,” Zuma said.

“There’s a tendency in this country to ignore important matters. There are people who get arrested even if they’ve done nothing but there are people who commit serious crimes and nothing happens to them. Judges will say there’s nothing wrong,” Zuma added.


A number of political parties have launched a scathing attack on the IEC and have urged the Commission not to declare the results as they (the political parties) have cited discrepancies and alleged vote rigging.

On Saturday, African Congress for Transformation (ACT) leader Ace Magashule confirmed that they also launched an objection with the IEC along with 20 other parties.

Zuma’s long time ally said the alleged vote rigging seemed to target voters belonging to his party. He claimed that his party members’ ballot papers had disappeared from the ballot boxes, without any valid explanation from IEC officials.

Lastly, Democratic Alliance (DA) and Freedom Front Plus leaders John Steenhuisen and Pieter Groenewald also criticised the IEC. They said the Commission needs to be held accountable citing a number of issues voters experienced on election day.

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Vote counting is almost at 100% and as at 22:00 on Saturday, 1 June, these are the votes political parties have received. Source: IEC