Jacob Zuma

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Jacob Zuma survives by the skin of his teeth – Twitter reacts

The ANC president clung on to power in the South African parliament after the secret vote of no confidence, despite a massive rebellion from within his own party. Here’s what the internet said.

Jacob Zuma

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There are no words.

Heh. Erm, let’s find out shall we?

… with the addition of tinnitus and nausea following Mbalula’s speech afterwards.

See, sport and politics DO mix!

Speaking of which, get him to London to do something useful on the track.

Everyone likes the deputy speaker tho.

Yeah. Tastes a bit off, doesn’t it?

It’s surely the next logical step.

Well that’ll come back their way in 2019.

See. Told you so.

And that.

Well, at least we’re not putting up with that halfwit. Right guys?

Tee hee.

It’s that bad. Seriously, we’re trying to find something positive here.

You’re not doing it right.

As if either of them could use Whatsapp!