Jacob Zuma threw shade using S

Credit – SABC/Youtube

Jacob Zuma threw shade using Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ at his Youth Day speech. Oh, the irony… [video]

One is famous for being a leader eventually reviled by his people… The other is Julius Caesar

Jacob Zuma threw shade using S

Credit – SABC/Youtube

The president’s Youth Day didn’t get off to a great start when protestors in Ventersdorp began chanting ‘Zuma must go’. Did JZ let it get the better of him?

Well, it’s hard to say. Unexpectedly, his speech became more like a night in The Globe Theatre rather than a political address.

He used William Shakespeare to throw some serious shade at those ‘more educated’ than he is (it’s up to you to decide how many people that could be) and said he is well studied in ‘knowledge, not examinations’

Our very own Shadespeare then said he’d prove his point by – I kid you not – reciting lines from Julius Ceasar, after asking his audience to suggest one of The Bard’s plays.

He uttered the line “I have come to bury Ceasar, not praise him”. This quote is saturated in hidden meanings surrounding political betrayal.

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The president would have made an excellent Shakespearian tale. It could quite easily be one of the writer’s greatest Comedies or most heartfelt Tragedies.

However, there will be plenty of people who will be hoping that the tale of King Zuma will soon be one for History:

You can watch a very sassy President Zuma audition for the Royal Shakespeare Company here (1hr 45m in):