Psalms 23

Psalm 23:6 Photo: Pixabay

Is Christianity becoming less popular in South Africa?

Is Christianity becoming less popular in South Africa? Here’s what the statistics say about faith – and why less people are choosing church.

Psalms 23

Psalm 23:6 Photo: Pixabay

Christianity is one of the world’s main religions, but might not be its most popular.

Millions of South Africans believe in Jesus Christ. But are the faith’s figures getting less with time?

Studies report that churchgoers are getting less. It’s put some local churches in uncertain times, and could even mean job losses for faith-based careers.

Judeo-Christian religions believe in Christ the Saviour – and its churches and doctrine follow suit.

Here’s what the numbers say about South African faith.

Christianity is South Africa’s biggest religion.

According to the numbers, more than 80% of Southern Africa’s population is part of a Judeo-Christian faith.

It includes Roman Catholics, Protestants, and other faiths believing in Christ.

South Africa’s faithful population is lessening, say formal studies.

It’s still the country’s most popular faith, however, people choose alternatives to church – or convert to other faiths.

How do you feel about your faith?

Christianity in numbers

More than 80% of South Africans identify as Christian, according to The Witness.

The numbers are recent, and might be going down as people change or abandon their faith or church.

Today, there are less churchgoing Christians than there used to be. A study calls it the ‘radical decline’.

How do other countries match up?

Ghana’s population is approximately 71% Judeo-Christian. .

Is Christanity declining in South Africa?

Christianity might be going down in popularity – though some people are choosing to keep their faith, and steer away from the church.

Religion is personal for some, who feel their churches don’t represent their wishes, community, or needs.

Do you believe in God and Christ, or have you changed what you think?

People change for many reasons, including very personal ones. Some people just change churches, routines, or religions.

Christianity internationally

What about the rest of the world?

Approximately 65% of the United States identifies as Christian, according to Pew Research Centre.

Some countries have much smaller figures, including Turkey. Less than 1% of Turkey’s population identifies with this religion. Most Turks follow Islam.

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