Intercape suspends bus driver for extremely reckless driving [video]

No words can describe what you are about to watch.



According to Times Live, Intercape has commented on the viral video showing one of their bus drivers driving recklessly on a Cape Town-to-Durban trip.

The bus service has condemned the actions of the driver who was recorded by a passenger, Kiewiet Pretorius, as he attempted to overtake two trucks, driving for at least about 500 metres onto the oncoming traffic lane.

That is the kind of arrogance and sheer disregard that costs lives on the roads. It has already been revealed that the nationwide road death tally has etched past 100. The last thing anyone needs is a massive bus accident that takes multiple lives.

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Intercape suspend reckless bus driver

Intercape revealed that they were in the process of dealing with the bus driver and his reckless actions.

“The driver admitted that he was wrong in his actions. He was immediately suspended, pending a disciplinary hearing,” Intercape noted.

Thanks to Pretorius’ viral video, which received over 4 000 shares and more than 110 000 views, Intercape will be able to clamp down on reckless driving.

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The footage shows the driver driving at a high speed, overtaking two trucks for about 500 metres before he swerved back into the lane.

What is incredible is that, not only did he put the lives of many in danger, he broke the rules of the road doing so.

The double-barrel line that splits the two lanes clearly indicates that, for that stretch, motorists are prohibited from overtaking one another.

A bad reflection on Intercape, the bus service reassured its customers that this will not be tolerated and that the best course of action will be taken.

“Intercape regrets and apologies for the unfortunate incident. The management of Intercape can assure the public of Southern Africa that this is not the standard of service. Zero tolerance will be enforced,” said a spokesperson for the company,” the bus service added.

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Watch: Intercape bus drives recklessly