illegal miner mining

The bodies of twenty illegal miners were found decomposed wrapped in bags. Photo: Facebook

Illegal miner shot dead during shootout with police in Ekurhuleni

A suspected illegal miner was shot dead during a shootout with police in Ekurhuleni. Eleven others were arrested.

illegal miner mining

The bodies of twenty illegal miners were found decomposed wrapped in bags. Photo: Facebook

A suspected illegal miner was fatally wounded during a shootout with police on Wednesday 9 February 2022. 

Eleven other suspected illegal miners were arrested and three illegal firearms loaded with magazines were recovered in Boksburg, Ekurhuleni. 


Police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Mavela Masondo said police officers in Boksburg received a complaint of a person that had been shot in an open field in Boksburg. 

“As the police arrived, they saw a group of suspected illegal miners. More police officers from Boksburg North, Ekurhuleni Trio Task Team, Highway Patrol and Private Security Companies were summoned.

“As the police were approaching, the armed group started shooting at the police and a shootout ensued.  Eleven suspects were apprehended with the assistance of a police chopper and one suspect was critically injured and later succumbed to his injuries.”

Lieutenant Colonel Mavela Masondo

Mavela said police recovered three unlicensed firearms and more than 70 rounds of ammunition.

The arrested suspects will be charged with possession of unlicensed firearms, possession of unlicensed ammunition, murder and attempted murder. 

They are expected to appear at Boksburg Magistrate’s Court in due course.


In 2017, a spate of killings riddled the area and authorities found six bodies in Benoni next to Unity Street, while another eight bodies were found in a field nearby. The deaths were also linked to illegal mining and gangsterism in the area.

The illegal gangs have been operational in the area for years and pose a threat to the community as they not only endanger residents by using explosive devices to mine for gold, they are also linked to house robberies in the neighbourhoods surrounding the mines.

The Ekurhuleni Metro admitted three years ago that the zama-zamas were beyond their control, despite trying to “play [their] part in curbing this problem, it persists.” Their efforts yielded little results as crime continued to escalate.

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