Kempton Park

The old Kempton Park hospital is now a ghost-hunting facility for those seeking paranormal activity. PHOTO: Flickr/Annarie du Plessis

ICYMI: ‘Haunted’ Kempton Park Hospital is to be demolished to build a new hospital

The ‘haunted’ Kempton Park Hospital will be demolished in order to build a new hospital in the area, said the Gauteng Health Department.

Kempton Park

The old Kempton Park hospital is now a ghost-hunting facility for those seeking paranormal activity. PHOTO: Flickr/Annarie du Plessis

The Gauteng Health Department has confirmed that they would bring back the Kempton Park Hospital – but this time, they will be building a new one.


The Gauteng MEC for Health and Wellness, Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko confirmed that the department was working on a new hospital. The department will be building a 300-bedded Kempton Park District Hospital.

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This information was disclosed when the MEC responded to legislature questions about the old Kempton Park Hospital. The old hospital has been closed for more than two decades due to re-prioritisation and streamlining of services, said spokesperson Tshepo Shawa.

Those living around the old hospital instead received services at other primary health facilities.

These included the Kempton Park Civic Centre Clinic, Spartan Clinic, Birchleigh North Clinic and Birchleigh Clinic. Patients who needed further medical care are transferred to Tembisa Hospital, said Shawa.

“Given the growing population in Kempton Park area, there is now a need for a higher level of care facility.”

Tshepo Shawa

However, there are no time frames and budget as yet, Shawa says. The proposal is still under consideration.

“MEC Nkomo-Ralehoko indicated that the Gauteng Department of Health has since engaged the Gauteng Infrastructure Funding Agency (GIFA) to assist with the funding proposals for the demolition of the old facility and the building of a new hospital.”

Kempton Park
The Gauteng Health Department will demolish the old Kempton Park Hospital and build a new hospital in the area. PHOTO: Flickr/Annarie du Plessis

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Since its closure over two decades ago, there have been calls for the Kempton Park hospital to reopen. This is due to the influx of patients who flock to other health facilities.

Instead, the hospital has turned into a ghost-hunting spot and is open to those who hunt paranormal activity in the abandoned hospital.

The Kempton Express reports that the reopening of the old hospital will relieve pressure on Tembisa and Edenvale hospitals.

But since the Health Department proposes to demolish the building, it was previously reported that this could cost millions of rands.

An investigation found in 2019 that it would cost R12.8 million to take down the old hospital.

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