US rates, Pravin Gorhan, US dollar

How Twitter reacted to Pravin Gordhan’s mini budget speech

MPs – and South Africans on Twitter – showed all the love for the Finance Minister.

US rates, Pravin Gorhan, US dollar

Before getting started, Pravin Gordhan found some time to engage with students. Something not many have done.

He got a solid welcome from the house.

And clearly Twitter quite likes him too.

Much of what he started off with, sounded like a political speech.

With the clincher being…

And people noticed.

Seriously, people love this guy.

Except for this person.

Sometimes emoticons are needed.

And people have got jokes. (At R13.79 to the dollar for those keeping count).

Tell this to the person who doesn’t like his voice.

*eyes emoticon*

Reality hits you hard, bro.

Is that a little bit of shade we see there, Gordhan?

And in he comes with an uppercut.

If this was a chess game…