South Africa is home to over one million Zimbabweans. Image: @NewZimbabweCom/ X

How to take part in the Zimbabwe e-passport trial run in SA

Zimbabwe’s consulate in South Africa has initiated a phased roll out of e-passports for Zimbabwean nationals.


South Africa is home to over one million Zimbabweans. Image: @NewZimbabweCom/ X

Zimbabweans in South Africa have welcomed the new e-passport application process that has been introduced at the Johannesburg consulate, as reported by The South African on Tuesday.

This development aims to eliminate the need for Zimbabwe nationals to return to their home country for passport renewals.

According to the Chronicle, Consul-General Eria Phiri explained in a public notice that the first phase involved training consulate staff (which concluded on 15 June), followed by a system test run from 18 to 21 June.

“The process will help the consulate to gauge the level of the system’s responsiveness and effectiveness in a real-world environment before the full rollout [phase two] to the public,” said Phiri.

However, according to an official communication from the Zimbabwe Consulate and The Zimbabwe Community SA, this trial period will run until 24 June.

South Africa is home to over one million Zimbabwean nationals. The e-passport initiative is designed to streamline the application process. It also looks to address the issue of many Zimbabweans staying in South Africa illegally due to expired travel documents

The trial period will be open to a limited number of clients, randomly chosen from the existing pool of clients visiting the consulate at 13A Boeing Road West in Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

How to take part in the e-passport trial

Ngqabutho Mabhena, chairperson of the Zimbabwe Community SA, says those interested in taking part in the e-passport trial run may also contact the Consulate via WhatsApp, email, or its social media platforms:

WhatsApp: +27 82 824 9435
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zimbabwe.jhb
Twitter: @zimconsulatejhb
Email: admin@zimbabweconsulate.co.za
Website: www.zimbabweconsulate.co.za
Hotline/ Emergency Line: +27 664 873 806

How long will it take?

The turn-around/ processing time of e-passports is said to be relatively quick. One can collect their e-passport after seven working days.

“The mode of payment shall be communicated to all participants on selection,” Phiri added.

“It is also important for people to note that the consulate in Cape Town or in Johannesburg or the Embassy in Pretoria does not have agents who act on their behalf.”

Clients interested in participating in the trial run should take note of the following regarding fees and required documents:

  • The cost of the e-passport is set at US$150 (converted to ZAR based on the previous week’s average exchange rate) and an additional fee of US$20 will apply for a QR code.

Requirements for the Zimbabwe e-passport include:

  • Original birth certificate.
  • Original identification documents (ID) (metal or plastic or paper IDs are acceptable).
  • Passport if it is valid, and not required if it expired.
  • Original marriage certificates will be required for married women.

Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage of Zimbabwe, Ambassador Raphael Faranisie has said they also hoped to provide passport issuing services to Zimbabweans in the UK, the UAE and the United States.